b. 1986, HK.



Content Creation, Blog Contribution and Social Media Management & Photography

All content creation photography is customized with you and your business in mind. I work with businesses across various industries to create mood boards and colour palettes that genuinely reflect their brand identity and personality. By integrating flair and captivating aesthetics, I creatively develop content that tells a story, establishes enduring connections with audiences and grows your business presence, whether it’s through social media channels, website content or print media.

Branded Instagram Content Creation & Collaborations : @blousesandhouses

Recipe Development, Food and Prop Styling & Photography

Portfolio Enhancement for Creatives

I collaborate one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs across the Greater Toronto Area to artistically capture the personality and inspiration behind their work. By marrying my own creative vision, I work to uncover the details you never knew existed, so that you may authentically showcase your process and work in an impactful way

CV available upon request.